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Tuesday 09/25/2012

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Art Writing Lecture Series: Marcus Boon

Abject Future: Tyler, the Creator, Azealia Banks and the Politics of Vibration
Marcus Boon
September 27th, 7pm

Scholar Marcus Boon discusses recent music videos by controversial Los Angeles based hip-hop crew Odd Future, including Tyler, the Creator’s (in)famous “Yonkers” and New York rap sensation Azealia Banks’ remarkable “212” as a starting point to examine the role of sound and vibration in politics and aesthetics. Through readings of Sigmund Freud, Julia Kristeva and Roberto Esposito, he explores the problem of violence and its relation to sound and propose a different way of thinking about vibrational ontology and what it would mean to think of vibration as a political problem.

Watch the full talk on our vimeo page, here