Spring 2014

Tuesday 02/25/2014


Quijote Talk—Naomi Fry: Make Them Choke On it

Naomi Fry: Make Them Choke On it
Thursday, February 25, 6:30 p.m.
132 West 21st street, 6th floor
Free and open to the public

"I mean to evoke no nostalgia when I talk about this picture. Its Goyish vapidity; its coy vulgarity; Garrett's large, knuckle paw on Sheridan's smooth teenage thigh—all seem extremely alien to me. But there's something about the photography's realness index that I love anyway. And certainly, its cuspiness is part of its charm: in the moment of transition from the Carter to the Reagan administrations, mildly famous girls and boys in California were still doing their thing and photographing it, and not over-worrying the consequences."

In this talk, Fry will discuss how her cultural obsessions inform her critical writing about a variety of media: visual arts, literature and cinema

Naomi Fry is a writer and editor. She had written about art, literature and culture for the London Review of Books, n+1, Frieze, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Artforum.com, Bookforum.com, and the contemporary art journal Paper Monument, for which she was a contributing editor. Naomi holds a Masters degree in English literature from Johns Hopkins University, and has been teaching at RISD for the past several years. She lives in Brooklyn.

Quijote Talks take place in our library on 21st Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues in Chelsea, usually on Thursdays at 6:30 pm. Named after our favorite after-lecture hangout, El Quijote in the Chelsea Hotel, and inspired by the knight errant himself, this new series consists of pointed talks and discussions about relevant pasts and possible futures. Browse our full lecture archive here