News & Events, Summer 2018

Wednesday 07/25/2018


Illumination in the Black Box

He Nandan Sam, Wang Xun, Mao Juyi, Guo Chuxi
Curated by Zi Lin
Novado Gallery
July 27- August 5, 2018
Opening reception: July 27, 7PM

In the white space of this world, everything is bright, informative, and explicit, for the illuminating light is a medium of exposure, an agent of revealing. Whereas in the dark spaces such as a moonless night, things are imbued with a sense of unknown, a gesture of evasiveness, and a lurk of dangers. Those who strike in the darkness impose a different type of horror than those who strike beneath the sun. Emotionally and phenomenologically, people experience daytime and nighttime with diverse mindsets, hence our inception on the understanding of the world. Scholars such as Peter Sloterdijk explicitly distinguish these dualist worldviews in his article Illumination in the Black Box from his book The Aesthetic Imperative.
The later stance brings us into this black space that we create to present the works from four artists from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Fine Art Master Program.  The placement of their works inside this darkness is a method to accentuate their similar philosophical stance of their arts. While concepts like arts (techne), design (de-signum), technology (techne), and machine (mechos) all share the same connotation of trick and trickster, they are honest in terms of demonstrating how much we are able to understand the world by means of our languages. Hence the birth of Black Boxes, which, in one way or another, is the role their works take.