News & Events, Spring 2017

Tuesday 05/02/2017


Class of 2017 Thesis Presentations

Cigdem Asatekin This Fabulous Shadow Only the Sea Keeps
Hakim Bishara It Is Only Through Your Thoughts That I Can Remember Who I Am: The Story of a Forgotten Art Exhibition in Five Scenes
dj boyd base notes
Ann Collins No Place Like Home: Dwelling, Art and Impermanence
Emma Drew Universal Overflow: Digital Cosmographies for a Lonely Planet
Nahidalsadat Hassanivanhari Some Moments of Spectrality Captured in Qajar Painting
Rula Khoury Manam: What do you see in your sleep?
Daniel Kopel Fever of the Senses: Saint Sebastian's New Cult
Zi Lin Emoji: Past and Future, The Nature of Pictographic Language
Jonelle Mannion Vivid, if Unseeable: On Carolee Schneemann's "Plague Column: Known/Unknown" 
Alice Sherman First, Art: The Determination of Anni Albers, Lee Krasner and Eva Hesse